Friday, November 02, 2007

My Favorite "Building To Be" ...

So I have this hobby of photographing and reading about Skyscrapers and other buildings. I've spent a good portion of my time in this city looking up and around at all the different buildings here; the ones that are finished as well as the ones that are still being built.

If you look at the right side of the blog you'll find some links to some skyscraper websites and forums. These sites provide all kinds of great info on the plans for new buildings and renovations, as well as photos of buildings under construction.

I took the photo above of the First International Bank Tower that is currently under construction on Rothschild Blvd in Tel Aviv. The tower is being built by the same firm that designed the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong, and the design is a deliberate homage to that building. Here is a render of what the building will look like when finished.

I find it fascinating to think about the way a city can change as it's continually being built and rebuilt all over again. I can only wonder what Tel Aviv will look like after all the towers that are currently planned are finally finished.