Tuesday, August 28, 2007

What's in a name?

And now for a little multiple choice ...

Question: The photo below contains?

a) Israeli Couscous
b) P'titim - פתיתים
c) Part of the International Zionist Conspiracy
d) Who can tell? That's the worst picture I've ever seen!
e) Brains, brains, BRAINS!!!!!!

All of the above. Well, except for maybe e).

Israeli Couscous has apparently become fashionable in the states in some restaurants. I first realized this when one of the American Iron Chefs used it in one of their dishes. Of course if you try and find Israeli Couscous here in Israel you'll be looking for a long time. Here it's called P'titim. Most Israelis probably have no idea there is a product called Israeli Couscous for sale in the states.

Of course, I don't really believe that Israeli Couscous is part of the International Zionist Conspiracy. The murder of Jimmy Hoffa, UFOs, the 8-track, and 9/11 definitely, but not Israeli Couscous. I do find it amusing however that the combination of the words couscous and Israel could cause some people to freak out. It's not like Israel is populated by hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Jews of North African origin — like for instance a certain member of this blog.

Anyway if your interested in the way I prepare my P'titim, here's a little rundown.

Heat, oil, P'titim, fake chicken soup mix, paprika, water, stir, water, stir, serve.

I said it was a little rundown.

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