Tuesday, September 14, 2010

People are visiting ...

Well the tourist numbers are out and they keep going up. This year has so far been a stellar one for the Israeli tourist industry and it looks like we're on pace for a new record.

This is nothing but good. Tourists do many things. They give the economy a boost and they go back to their home countries to spread the good word about Israel.

The last part is critical in my opinion. The best PR Israel can get is by people coming here and seeing the country. People who come here are often surprised by how normal Israel is, and anyone who comes here with an open mind generally goes away with a new found appreciation for the country.

It looks like this year I'm gonna connect with at least four tourists to Israel. My mom and sister came in July to celebrate my 30th birthday with me. At the same time my friend's brother came for the first time on a Birthright trip. In October, my cousin will be coming for a visit also with Birthright.

Each one of these people will go back with a better picture of reality here, and will help spread the image to the people they know.

Also, just in case you're looking for some good tourist information about Israel, I highly recommend the site igoogledisrael. It's a great resource for some real inside information on visiting the country.

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