Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I found two interesting articles about the 2nd Lebanon War in the Washington Post. Read them here and here. William M. Arkin, the author, provides something rare for an analysis of the Middle-east — dispassionate and objective observations. Anyone with a vested interest in the conflict will find something to disagree with, but for people with minimal knowledge or those with an open mind Arkin provides several keen observations.

What struck me about the bombing, in both countries, was that you could see the destruction and completely misread what it meant. In Beirut, the destruction in reality is efficient and impressive. The destruction in Israel, on the other hand, is random and scattered. When Hezbollah rockets were fired on Israel, landing meant success.

So here is the truth: Israel did not do anything close to what it was capable of doing. Hezbollah did all it could.

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