Thursday, September 07, 2006

The patient is doing well!

Tafat had her surgery today. All went well and Tafat is already feeling much better. Were all being pretty lazy today, lounging around her mothers house. Were both looking forward to Tafat feeling better and getting back to normal activity which should come in the next few days. While this whole thing has been inconvenient, and has weighed us down like a heavy stone, it finally feels like were starting to move past it. I was bugging Tafat to leave a post last night but she didn't quite feel up to it. Hopefully she feel like it soon. I really want this blog to represent both us and I'm eagerly anticipating reading what she has to write. I know that she has a lot to say and has more practice keeping a journal because of her writing class. Hopefully things well be up and running here soon!

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