Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It happens once in a hundred years ...

Plastered throughout Tel Aviv there are larger banner ads promoting a mysterious and unnamed product. They feature different attractive looking people (and one dog) from various age groups looking happily towards the sky at some unseen magnificent sight.

What they're looking at is left to the imagination and they only clue given is the tag line "it happens once in a hundred years."

Well with a little searching I figured out this is an ad for "Gindi Tel Aviv," a new apartment project under development in Tel Aviv.

The Gindi project is part of the massive Wholesale Market Compound, a huge lot in central Tel Aviv that until a few years ago was occupied by the aforementioned wholesale market. A development plan was drawn up for the lot including four tall apartment towers, about ten low-rise apartment buildings, commercial space, and green open areas. All in all, the plan calls for some 1,125 residential units. You can read all about the project at the Tel Aviv Info website.

The Gindi Tel Aviv project represents the first stage of the plan, calling for the construction of the ten low-rise buildings. I have a hobby of reading about urban developments and towers here in Tel Aviv so I wandered over to the website and Facebook page of the developer.

They had some nice renders of the project and a photo gallery from their "gala announcement." It's all very classy. Of course any apartment in this project is certain to be super expensive so only a very select group of people will ever be able to even think about buying an apartment there.

This project is another example of how the Israeli economy continues to grow at a prodigious speed. Israeli is now outpacing most of the other developed economies in terms of growth. The situation here is certainly more robust than in the U.S. and I feel it when I talk to my friends and family back in the states.

But there is something about this project and its ads that … poked me somewhere inside my head. I realize that's a clumsy analogy but it’s the best I could do. This apartment project was advertised as if it were a rock concert. They weren't selling homes; they were selling a very clear idea, an idea that says "wealth, success, and opportunity."

It says something about the mindset of people here. I sit around most days worrying about all the people who hate Israel. Most Israeli's could care less, they're to busy living their lives and building an amazing, vibrant, and dynamic country.

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