Sunday, October 17, 2010

Mondoweiss; promoting the Palestinian narrative at the expense of the truth …

I had already come to this conclusion, but a recent post at Mondoweiss demonstrates just how that site has become the epicenter for anti-Israel bigotry and Jewish self-hatred on the web.

The post is remarkable for its frankness, as is much of the content at Mondoweiss. The writers there, while completely dishonest in their discussions about Israel, are remarkably honest about their intentions.

The writer laments the pro-Palestinian Israeli left, complaining that they are somehow dishonest about their intentions because they are living on "stolen" Palestinian land. The following excerpt displays both the writer's hatred for Israel, and his profound ignorance of the truth.
Every time I would tell my girlfriend (she's Palestinian) about a famous Israeli activist or writer or she would ask why they still call themselves Israeli. She tells me things like, 'See. They still call themselves Israeli. When they use that word they are automatically erasing Palestine.'
Later on the writer continues …
But I have to ask Israelis the question: "If you feel so strongly about what is being done to the Palestinians, how can you continue to live in their stolen country?"
How can you go from a West Bank protest back to your Tel Aviv home, which very well may have belonged to a family member of your friends in the West Bank? Can you really be supporting someone when you live on the land which was violently seized from them?

If these Israeli activists truly believe what they say they should move to the occupied territories and live as a Palestinian.

Where do I begin???? Let's start with Tel Aviv as I happen to be a resident of that city.

The chances that an Israeli living in Tel Aviv is living in the former home of a Palestinian are remarkably slim. Tel Aviv, quite possibly the most authentic Israeli city in Israel, truly exemplifies the Israeli narrative. This city was built on empty sand dunes north of Jaffa. This is not a myth but is the unquestionable reality of this city. Additionally, the land that was used to build Tel Aviv was overwhelming land that was purchased specifically for the purpose of Jewish settlement.

Additionally, anyone familiar with the architecture of Tel Aviv and it's often unique style of building (read ugly), knows that the overhwelming majority of the city was built after the establishment of the state in a mad rush of building to accomadate the multitude of Jewish refugees who were settling in the country.

Tel Aviv is the single worst example of the Palestinian narrative in which Jews "stole" their country through force. Yet, this is specifically the city in which the writer chose to focus his accusations against "thieving" Israelis.

But, truth be told, I could tolerate blanket distortions of the truth if I believed that it somehow brought us closer to peace and reconciliation with our neighbors. Of course, as was so clearly demonstrated in the opening quote from the writer's girlfriend, the Palestinians and their international, American, and even Jewish supporters have no intention of making peace with Israel. They seek to dismantle it.

This is the equation that the Palestinians are offering to Israel, this is their version of "peace." This is what they are saying to Israelis:

Give up, surrender. One way or the other we are going to destroy your country. Your only option is to join our side and do as you're told, otherwise …

And it’s that last point that's left to our imaginations. Well, I have a rather vivid imagination, I don't much like what I see.

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Anonymous said...

That article is so bad even an anti-Israel lefty wrote a piece denouncing it. You can read it here. Of course she is no better then him and calls herself an anarchist punk but her criticisms are good.