Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thanks for the traffic ...

Well it looks like I got someone's attention. I checked Google Analytics this morning and saw a considerable spike in traffic. By spike I mean there actually was traffic since practically no one reads this blog in the first place.

I checked for the source and apparently it came from Ali Abunimah's twitter stream. He was reacting to this post that I wrote about two earlier tweets of his. Here's what he wrote:
"The kind of racist defamation Zionist settlers sink to: 'Abunimah sees Jews as his dogs with no rights whatsoever"'"
Coming from him I'll take that as a compliment. To be honest I don't see how my comment could be construed as racism, considering I was referring specifically to Abunimah and not to any particular group of people. It could theoretically be viewed as defamation, although based on Abunimah's twitter stream alone I believe my description of him to be accurate.

I also find it amusing that I have somehow been elevated to the status of settler. Apparently Abunimah now views central Tel Aviv as a settlement. I suppose that says something about his perspective on the situation here.

In case anyone reading Abunimah's twitter stream is confused by his rhetoric I will state here clearly my opinion of the Palestinians. They are a people, and like all peoples should be afforded the right to live in peace and dignity. I believe that they deserve a state of their own, and I have no problem recognizing their legitimate right to self determination.

It would be nice if they, and Abunimah, were willing to confer the same right to the Jewish people. I believe that their denial of the Jewish peoples' legitimate right to self determination is the primary obstacle to peace in the region. But that's just my humble opinion.

At any rate, Abunimah did get one thing right. I am indeed a Zionist, and I'm proud to be one.

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