Wednesday, August 25, 2010

About those Evangelical Christian supporters of Israel ...

It's a bit of controversial subject, and one that I honestly haven't made up my mind about. But I have to admit that every time I've met these people they've been kind, courteous, and unapologetically supportive of Israel.

This article in Slate says that Jews just don't understand Christian Zionists, and that they just simply love us.
There's no question that they have different politics, rhetoric, and even culture from what we're used to seeing in the Jewish world. But they do seem to express a genuine love and care for Jews. "Being loved" is not something Jews take to easily (or, at least, this Jew doesn't), and it's still pretty awkward for me in personal conversations with Christians—but, awkwardness aside, this palpable sense of concern for Jewish welfare is the first that Jews have felt from such a large religious group in their history.
Is it a good thing that these people support us. In my opinion yes. In the situation Israel is in we can't afford to be picky about our friends. Plus, I think most of these people are decent, honest human beings who are simply committed to their faith.

They've gotten a bad rap in more liberal circles, but I think it's always a good idea for Jews to be open and tolerant to people they may not have trusted in the past.

Hat tip Elder of Ziyon.

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