Monday, August 02, 2010

Housekeeping and a few links ...

So I went ahead and changed the template of this site. I figure after two years I need to make a few changes to things. I also need to clean up the links in my side-bar as I don't read many of those sites anymore, and some of them just don't exist or are irrelevant.

I wanted to post to a few things I found online. The first is an interesting read on Yaacov Lozowick's site. He talks about the Mondoweiss post that I mentioned yesterday, and, as is his style, gives it an intelligent and dispassionate reading.

Also check out this funny post on Gawker about the congressional campaign that got called out for sending a list of "Jewish Money" to a newspaper in an attempt to smear their opponent. If you can wade through all the snark that accompanies anything on a Gawker site you'll find it quite amusing.

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