Thursday, August 12, 2010

Go. Read. Goldberg ...

Well it seems like everybody, and I do mean everybody, is talking about Jeffrey Goldberg's Atlantic article on whether Israel will attack Iran.

Go read it. It's a brilliant piece of journalism that stands out in a generally crap field that has become inundated with ignorant, ideological bloggers. And I'm a blogger!

It does what journalism should; inform in an objective way, ask serious questions, and make you reconsider your perspective on the situation.

The anti-Israel crowd is pooh poohing it as "Zionist cheer leading"  for a strike on Iran. But you'd have to be a complete irrational idiot to take that away from the article considering the way Goldberg lays out the possible and horrifying repercussions of a strike.

What I take away from it is that this is a serious issue, and that it is rapidly coming to a head. Anyone who has a strong opinion on this subject should let their voice be heard now, because time is rapidly running out.

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