Sunday, August 01, 2010

To blog, or not to blog ...

So well, yeah, there was that.

What was "that?" It was about two years of nothing on this blog. In my real life it was very fascinating, a lot of changes. Maybe sometime I'll tell you about it.

But recent events have motivated me to try this again. A lot has happened in the last two years, both with me and with Israel. So let's give this a shot.

You might be asking what motivated me to come back and try and be a blogger again. Well, of course I love writing, I love sharing my opinions, and well on some level it's just plain fun.

But mostly, I need somewhere to vent. Israel has been dragged through the mud the last two years. A series of events (Cast Lead, the Dubai assassination, the Flotilla,) have seriously damaged Israel's image and standing in the world.

But those events on their own weren't enough to get me writing again. It wasn't until I stumbled upon a charming blog called Mondoweiss that I was inspired to pick up the keyboard again.

Like too many of the most popular anti-Israel sites, this one is run by a Jew. That in itself makes me depressed. But it was one specific post on the so-called Palestinian "Right of Return" that really got my Hamster wheel spinning.

It reminded me, yet again, that there are many people out there who are devoting all of their life's energies to destroying Israel. Realizing that, over and over again, is a unique experience, and one that has inexorably pushed me in one direction.

I remember reading a book about "Israeli Apartheid." That motivated me to become a pro-Israel activist. I remember hearing the rantings of Israel hater Amir Abdul Malik Ali, and that motivated me (partly) to move to Israel. Then there was this, and here I am, opening my mouth again, doing something, however small and insignificant, because I can't stand still and watch people working to destroy Israel and the Jewish people along with it.

So yeah, there was that, and here I am, again, wondering, is anybody listening?

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