Thursday, August 05, 2010

Now that's just silly

Andrew Sullivan in his blog just went off the rails. I know that he has been receiveing a lot of critiscm from pro-Israel circles lately and that he has taken a more critical tone on Israel, but this last comment was just stupid.

I'm not one of the those people who goes around throwing out the anti-Semitism card whenever someone says something bad about Israel. There are certainly people who do it though, so I can understand why Sullivan is sensitive about it.

But in a recent post Sullivan says that supporters of the two state solution are now being labeled as anti-Semites.
I'm against a one-state solution because I'm a Zionist. I want the Jewish state to endure, as a coherent, decent democracy. But this position - which includes the urgent necessity of ending the settlements and returning to something close to the 1967 borders - is now, apparently, anti-Semitic, or, at least, worth sabotaging to prevent Obama from having any foreign policy success.
I can't believe that a blogger as popular as Sullivan is so simple minded to think that any legitimate or rational observer of the Israel/Arab conflict would label support of the two state solution as anti-Semitic.

I guess Sullivan thinks that the pro-Israel crowd is labeling the overwhelming majority of both the international community and the Israeli public as anti-Semitic. That's just a ridiculous statement from someone who is apparently desperate for attention.

The other half of his idiotic statement somehow implies that Israelis or their supporters are willing to postpone their pursuit of the two state solution just to deny Obama a foreign policy success.

Yeah that's it ... Obama. Our lives, our future here as a people, our economic prosperity, the future of territory that is historically significant to us, the future of our spiritual capital and longing of 2000 years; yeah none of that is influencing our decisions. We just want "to prevent Obama from having any foreign policy success."

Andrew Sullivan, there is a real world out there, you are welcome to join it.

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